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  • Hyper, Super and RTU TFR’s
  • Brush Wash Reclaim Chemicals
  • Added Wax TFR’s
  • Wax Rinse
  • Bactericidal Pressure Washing Additives
  • Curtain Side Cleaners
  • Marquee Cleaning Agents
  • Aluminium Cleaners
  • Manual Shampoo Concentrates
  • Hi-Foam / SnoFoam Blanket Washing
  • Tar & Bug Removers

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  • Heavy Duty Chassis & Engine Bay Degreasers
  • Parts Wash Solvent
  • Penetrating Oil
  • ScreenWash
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Battery Acid

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  • Waterless Truck Cleaner
  • Tyre Dressings
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Wheel Cleaning Agents
  • Tyre Trim Sheen
  • Glass & Mirror Cleaners
  • Body Polishes
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Aluminium Cleaners
  • Bumper Gels

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Non Smear Glass Cleaner

Fresh Fragrance Concentrate

Upholstery Foam Cleaners

Dashboard Renovators

Spotting Solvents





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Other Vehicle Washing Products - click here for samples

Product Name & Description

5 ltr

25 ltr

205 ltr

1,000 ltr

Brush Wash  Reclaim

Specially developed for use through a recyclable chemical wash machine it has low foam properties and has a very high dilution rate for economy.  

Neutral pH - will not damage carbon filters.





Chassis Cleaner Super  Concentrated

A high active heavy duty cleaner specially formulated for the cleaning and removal of traffic film, heavy greasing and stubborn ingrained soiling.





Copolymer & Wax Remover Heavy Duty

A water based alkaline detergent developed for the fast removal of protective wax coating from new vehicles. Designed for either manual use or through a pressure washer. Also available in Super Concentrated.





De-Wax  Solvent Based

A solvent based de-waxing solution designed for the removal of hydrocarbon (soft) wax by sponge or pre-spray.





Wax Rinse

A highly concentrated polymer wax additive which gives an invisible polymer coating, causing water to ‘bead’ and roll off the vehicle surface.  Dramatically  reduces drying time of the vehicle.  Dilution rate 1:20 for hand car wash or up to 1:500 for drive through automated systems.





Wax Rinse Supreme

As above, but with a higher dilution rate, as follows: 1:40 hand car wash use, and up to 1:1000 for drive through automated systems.





Traffic Film Removers - click here for samples

Product Name & Description

5 ltr

25 ltr

205 ltr

1,000 ltr

25X HD Hyper Concentrate Traffic Film Remover Pre-Mix

High Level Concentrate Traffic Film Remover with 1:25 Ratio. 1 litre makes 25 litres. 2 x 5 litres makes 205 litres of ready to use TFR.





Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover - 10%

A heavy duty concentrated cleaner specially formulated for the cleaning and removal of traffic film, heavy greasing and stubborn ingrained soiling, suitable for cleaning all vehicles, engines, components and chassis.  





Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover - 15%






Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover - 20%






Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover - 30%






Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover with Added Wax - 10%





Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover  with Added Wax  - 15%





Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover with Added Wax  - 20%





Premium Pressure Wash Traffic Film Remover with Added Wax  - 30%





Pressure Wash With Germicidal Agents

Our 10% Pressure Wash fluid with added germicidal agents for food transport applications.





Curtain Side Cleaner

Ready to use in conjunction with Hot or Cold Pressure Washer





Shampoos - click here for samples

Product Name & Description

5 ltr

25 ltr

205 ltr

1,000 ltr

Aqua Sheet

A superior medium level foaming vehicle shampoo with added water-repellency agents to aid swift drying of vehicles.  Leaves a water-repellent barrier to protect the vehicle surface from daily dirt and grime residues.





Car Shampoo 15%

This unique formula gives an outstanding performance for regular cleaning of automotive vehicles.  The rich and stable foam attaches to the cleaning surface removing grime residues easily, without removing any protective coatings.





Snow Foam Shampoo

A highly concentrated pre-wash product which will generate a thick blanket of foam when used through a foaming  device.  





Snow Foam Concentrate

As above, but in concentrated form.





Snow Storm

A highly concentrated 2 in 1 car shampoo and traffic film remover.  A paint and trim safe formula, this super foaming detergent is non caustic, and has been specially developed for the hand car wash industry.





Vehicle Shampoo 25%

A high performance, biodegradable vehicle shampoo.  This high-foaming product can be diluted up to 100:1 depending on level of vehicle soiling and water hardness.  Being pH balanced and containing no harsh caustics or salts, this shampoo will not harm previously applied wax or sealant.  Safe to use on all  paintworks.





Wash & Wax

Wash & Wax  is quick and easy to use and will rapidly lift ingrained dirt, grime and traffic film and leave a brilliant protective shine.





Wash & Glow (Concentrated Wash & Wax)

As above, but concentrated for extra economy and added performance





Engine Bay - click here for samples

Product Name & Description

5 ltr

25 ltr

205 ltr

1,000 ltr


A high quality glycol based product,  manufactured to BS 6580, designed to provide effective corrosion inhibition, for petrol and diesel engines, but also suitable for aluminium and turbo engines. Prevents year round corrosion and will not form scale deposits in hard water areas.





Battery Acid 35%

A quick and easy to use battery top up containing Sulphuric Acid.






Ideal for the stubborn removal of deposits from cylinder heads, valves, injectors, manifolds and fuel oil burners.  With a dichloromethane and cresols base.  Is a twin-layer system, the top layer having built-in inhibitors thus creating an evaporation barrier.





Heavy Duty Degreaser (Water Soluble)

A strong emulsifiable solvent degreaser for the removal of oil, grease, tar, bitumen and waxes from metals and floors.  Ideal for engine and  vehicle components, machinery, most floor surfaces, paint brushes etc.  Water rinseable.





Demineralised Water

For use in Steam Irons and Batteries to prevent furring and scale formulation.





Engine Lacquer

An highly effective engine seal and weatherproof coating. It will dry to a clean high lustre coating which will shed dirt, waterpoof the ignition

system and inhibit rust.





Parts Wash Solvent

A solvent blend designed with safety in mind. It is  non flammable and has a low odour. Flash point above 70°C.





WD & Pen Oil

A unique blend of oils, solvents and specialised additives designed for fast and effective Penetration, lubrication and moisture displacement.





WHEELS, TRIMS & BODY POLISHES - click here for samples

Product Name & Description

5 ltr

25 ltr

205 ltr

1,000 ltr

Aluminium Cleaner (Toxic / Corrosive)

A blend of inorganic acids and selected surfactants specially formulated for cleaning and brightening aluminium surfaces, removing the oxides formed in one easy application.  This product is classified as Toxic and Corrosive and is therefore supplied ‘For Professional Use Only’.





Brake Cleaner  

Controls harmful brake and clutch dust and provides a high performance

degreaser.  Evaporates quickly and efficiently.





Bumper Gel

An easily spreadable rejuvenating gel which provides a tough, translucent, flexible  barrier against moisture, dust, traffic film, atmospheric pollution, staining and fading.






Car Polish (High Gloss) PDI

This superior deep gloss car polish is a complex blend of waxes and glossing agents specially formulated for the preparation of pre-delivery new vehicles.





Car Polish (Medium Cut)

A top quality wax polish for the professional restoration of used  vehicle paintwork. It contains mild abrasives, lubricants and silicones which remove minor paint  imperfections producing a deep gloss and providing a long lasting protection.





Car Polish (Ultragleam)

A superior polish containing a rich blend of waxes (including carnauba) giving a long lasting detergent  resistance with a high gloss finish.





Cutting Compound Fluid

A unique formula that brings back the original colour and luster to car paintwork in minutes.  Removes oxidation, ingrained road grime, tar spots and scratches.





Tar, Glue & Bitumen Remover

A highly effective solvent blend to remove stubborn stains and spillages.  It will also remove ingrained oil and grease deposits from storage tanks, lorries and cars.





Tar & Bitumen Remover - Enviroclean

A fast acting industrial strength cleaner that dissolves and removes the toughest tar, asphalt and oils from plant, equipment and tools. Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-VOC, and petroleum distillate free.





Interior - click here for samples

Product Name & Description

5 ltr

25 ltr

205 ltr

1,000 ltr

Carpet Dye

Ideal for restoring original colour to faded and worn surfaces, offering a long-lasting finish to treated areas.  Also recommended for covering a wide variety of stains.





Low Foam Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

A heavy duty cleaner for the cleaning and removal of soiling from carpets and upholstery.  With a light perfume.






Biological Odour Eliminator. Ideal for use on carpets, furnishings and floors.  Digester provides immediate relief from mal odours on contact, masking them with a pleasant fragrance. The bacteria-enzyme action continues to digest the organic odour source such as urine, faeces and vomit.





Fresh Fragrance

A concentrated long-lasting fragrance designed to combat unpleasant odours for vehicle interiors.  May be diluted for economy.





General Purpose Cleaner

An excellent multi-purpose cleaner suitable for a wide variety of  applications.  This high-powered product may be used on vehicle  interiors at a dilution rate of 1:10, but can also be diluted according to soiling levels for many surfaces  including floors and walls.





Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

A superior leather cleaner which will gently clean leaving a natural finish.  With built in conditioners this product will prolong the condition of the leather.  Leaves a subtle  ‘as new leather’ fragrance.





Quickshine(Dashboard  Renovator - Silk Finish)

Quickshine is a wipe on liquid dressing specially formulated for interior use. It will enhance the appearance of dashboards, fascia, vinyl, plastic, wood trims and other polished  surfaces, leaving a long-lasting silky finish with bouquet fragrance.





Supershine Plastic Dressing (Dashboard Renovator - Gloss Finish)

A unique blend of solvents, waxes, oils and silicones for interior and exterior  restoration of dashboards, bumpers, rubber, vinyl and plastics.

Cherry Fragrance with gloss finish.





Spotting Solvent

A low odour, non-toxic solvent for  removing a variety of stains from  carpets and upholstery.





AEROSOLS - click here for samples

Product Name & Description

Can Size

Cans per Pack

Price per Pack

Carpet Dye Grey

Medium grey carpet dye ideal to renovate tired car mats.




Dashboard Renovator Perfumed

Cleans, polishes, protects, waterproofs and restores the appearance of vinyl, leather and wood.  Available in Cherry and Tangerine




Dashboard Renovator - Non Silicone

As above. Silicone free for paint shops.




Foaming Upholstery Cleaner

Foaming cleaner for use on upholstery, fabrics, carpets, etc.




Gloss Black

Enhances appearance with a high gloss finish.




Silver Wheel Paint

Easy to use, enhances appearance with a high gloss finish.




Satin Black

Easy to use, enhances appearance with a high satin finish




Pen Oil

For starting damp engines, lubricating moving parts. Penetrates and frees seized parts and protects against rust and corrosion. Silicone free.




White Grease

A multi-purpose lubricant ideal for brake linkages, latches, cams, window regulators, hinges, springs, wires and cables.  Can be used in anti-friction, plain bearings and pumping equipment where the ingress of water has previously reduced lubrication effectiveness.